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The world-first 3D label which allows for visual authentication on non-replicable Nano hidden image.
Blockchain-ready Smart Phone which scans unique markings.

CPS authentication system

1.CPS authentication 3D label and unique QR Code convergence system.

2. CPS unique QR Code (Serial Number, Time / date, watermark, print surface, color), authentication system.

CPS authentication service

Previous QR Code has the same input date of QR Code used in the same product, creating the same QR Code unable to prevent counterfeiting.

CPS QR Code generation and confirmation method.

Method 1 (Blockchain-based Random QR Code generation)

: QR Code is an automatic input on algorithm program of random digit, date/time Data, Serial number on input Data, creating the different QR Code despite the identical model product. 

Method 2 (Method 1 + Printing surface)

: Complex prints composed of intaglio/embossing, concave/bulge ( Introducing optical recognition technology to prevent print-caused copy)

Method 3 (AI Wide QR Code)

: Use QR Code source to the whole products

Method 4 (Hidden Image-Artificial intelligence neural network , adoption of Smartphone Steganography technology)

: Using Steganography technology, application recognizes the hidden images when scanned by smartphone-only application.

Method 5 (Hologram- Adoption of Artificial intelligence neural network Smartphone Steganography and Optical recognition technology)

: Create hologram stickers able to steal all information in one scanning or one camera shot.

- General Hologram: After 2 shots, neural network records SVBRDF or BSSRDF information.
- Artificial pattern-issued Hologram: neural network pattern is issued during the process of production of Dot Matrix Hologram and other Hologram stickers.
- When pattern is issued, GANs(Generative adversarial networks) is used.

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