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All  new  and creative project, cutting-edge Early Stage start-ups

Main business

Starter Funding of new and creative projects.

• Creative projecting funding that individuals or groups have
• Blockchain-based Crowd Funding with low commission fees which require no brokers
• Operation of Economical coin-based site invested by the public.
• Operation of introducing, posting and funding of individual projects in each business.


• Applied Areas

- All creative projects like art, cartoon, crafts, dancing, design, fashion, film, video, food, game, journalism music, photography, publication, technology, play-acting 
※ Characteristic: the existing crowd platform has the high commission because it is operated based on the trust from the creators and sponsors. 
※ Sites for reference :

Cutting-edge Early Stage technology·business Funding

• Funding Cutting-edge Early stage start-up able to expand to the Global market

- Life science, bio, medical game, AI Robot, IoTs area

• Direct investment-led share-holding and Coin issuance of investor company.
• Listing CPS Platform P2P stock exchange market.
• CPS Coin-based investment for investors.


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