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CPS Coin payment system.
(NFC tag payment system, Bluetooth communication payment system.)

CPS Coin Payment Flow diagram

NFC Tag Payment System.

• Device connection within 10Cm
• Cryptocurrency price Data between smartphones and between table PCs is paid or billed through QR Code.

• QR code- utilized technology with non-contact of cryptocurrency which recognizes the NFC tag only dedicated to the store. 
    (Place the smartphone close to input devices like NFC tag sticker, send a QR Code and complete the payment with QR code confirmation) 



- Two-way P2P :Check transmitting and receiving between smartphone and smartphone or table PC and tablc PC 

- Applied technology : NFC tag reading or writing which does not require financial USIM or non-contact payment technology utilizing P2P-based QR Code Data.

Bluetooth Communication payment system.

• Connection between bluetooths within 1m.

- Acceptance of the request means the connection between two Bluetooths (pairing)
- After the connection, information like random QR Code is encrypted and transmitted.
- Designated programs need to be installed on both devices.


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