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CPS Platform either prints non-replicable 3D label- special QR Code or realizes on authentication service in on-off line which certifies Unique identification marking through smart phone and designs payment system(NFC, Bluetooth) and Coin-driven Block Chain Platform Services like AI Blockchain domain service, or Crowd Funding.

As the more people understand blockchain and use coin, CPS Coin will generate more values for the future generation who are going to live longer on this planet. 
As we prevent any damage to manufacturers and consumers by distributing authentic products of all kinds, we can block a reduction in tax revenues, contributing to the world economic order and practice the value of sharing with the reward system on authentication process.


Also, a cryptocurrency ecosystem will be created with the operation of  Coin-driven purchasing system like blockchain-based payment and domain service or Crowd Funding on creative item or cutting-edge technology or products.

OUR Business


The world's first technology which rewards through blockchain-ready smart phone based authentication which scans non-replicable 3D label- unique QR Code or unique identification marking.


CPS Coin (Payment system (NFC Tag Payment System, Bluetooth Communication Payment System)


Crowd Funding(All new creative project, top-edge Early stage start-ups)


AI Blockchain domain service( a necessary service on the year of the Internet Of Things.

Blockchain Global Leader

  • Authentication service with blockchain based special QR code and unique identification mark on 3D label

  • Special QR Code(Serial Number, Wide AI) development and certification inquiry and coin compensation system

  • CPS Coin payment system with NFC and Bluetooth

  • AI blockchain domain service

  • Crowd Funding with Coin investment


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